Dry to Semi Dry Reds

Dessert Wines

Blush /Rose'

Wine List

Specialty Fruited

Black Forest (Chocolate Cherry)
​Chocolate Orange
Toasted Caramel
Raspberry Cordial
Raspberry Mocha
Indulgence - White Chocolate
LaBarista's Vin de Cafe'
Peach Ice

Raspberry Rose'
Blue Kangaroo


Outback White (Australian Chardonnay)
Dolce D'Oro (Semi-Sweet House White)
Dreamcatcher (Yolo LTD)
​Edelweiss (Symphony/Gewurtztraminer)
​Gondola (Trebbiano-Riesling)
Spice of Life (Gewurztraminer)

Little Sister (California Sauvignon -Blanc)
Simply Sweet (Moscato) 
Potpourri (Piesporter) 
White Pine (Pinot Grigio)
Moonlight (Riesling) 

Symphony (Orchestral White) 
​Vermentino LTD
White on White (Traminer/Riesling)



* Our wines are not vegan. 

* Some, but not all, of our wines are gluten free.

* Our wines are low sulfite. 

All wine, beer and cheese contain some natural sulfites.
The presence of natural sulfites is so small that it normally does not present a problem to anyone
​but the most sulfite-sensitive.

The King's Choice (Barolo)
Bellisima (Off-Dry House Red)

Black Tie Affair (Cab/Gamay Noir)
Boomerang (Pinot Noir/Shiraz Limited Edition)

Coastal Cellars Red Ltd Edition (Marselan)
Corazon Rojo (Chilean Cab Franc-Carm-Syrah/Pais blend)
Intense Harmony Ltd Edition (Grenache Carignan)
Royal Blend (Cabernet Merlot)
Royal Red (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Little Italy (Chianti)
Black Pine (Chilean Pinot Noir)

Dolce Rossa (Semi-Sweet House Red)
Red Moon (Luna Rossa)
Revolver Ltd Edition (House Cabernet)
Silver Mountain (Malbec Argentina)
Young Blackbird (Merlot)
​Melange Rouge (Bordeaux Style)
Negroamaro LTD
Old Castle (Vieux Chateau du Roi)
Seduction (Shiraz)
Trilogy Red (Shiraz-Mouvedre-Grenache)
Trifecta (Cabernet-Syrah-Zinfandel)
​Grande Rossa (Amarone)
Cape Blend (Shiraz,Cab, Pinotage,Grenache)
Deuce (Chianti, Shiraz)
Matador (Terremoto Tempranillo LTD)

Petit Ruby Cabernet LTD
​Tuscan Renaissance (Montepulciano)

Americana (Cranberry/Apple)
Beachcomber (Pina Colada)
Blackbird of Paradise (​Blackberry)
Black Cherry Bliss
Black Raspberry Merlot

Blue Kangaroo (Blueberry Shiraz)
Carnival Apple
Cherry Cordial
Cruisin' (Straw/Lime/Pineapple/Coconut)
​Dragonfly (​Dragonfruit/Raspberry)
Fiesta Red (Sangria)
Flamenco (Blood Orange Sangria)
Green Apple Tart
Hang 10 (Strawberry-Raspberry-Grapefruit)
Island Breeze (Lime Coconut)
Lynnee's Luscious Lemonade (Hard Pink Lemonade)
​Masquerade I(Orange/Lime/Passionfruit)
Peach Blossom (Peach-Apricot)

Pomegranate Wave 
Rainforest Red (Acai Raspberry Cab)
Raspberry Peach Fiesta (Sangria)
Raspberry Rose'
Sharkbite (Grapefruit/Passion Fruit Rose')
Solstice (Mango Citrus)
​Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Rose'
Strawberry Watermelon
T.K.'s Cranberry 
White Cranberry 
White Sangria
Wildberry Seduction (Mixed Berry)

Dry to Semi Dry White

Pale Blackbird (White Merlot)
​White Zenith (White Zinfandel)

46th Parallel Rose' (Sangiovese Rose')